FOSDOPTION - yes it is a thing!!

So here at Urban Kittens we have been thinking about why it can be difficult for families to commit to adopting a kitten or cat and how we could maybe help. Mainly because there are so many felines out there needing help with a large number of small - large rescues and of course, the Pounds.


The process is basically fostering with the intention to adopt. We always need foster carers and we also notice that foster fails happen a fair bit. We recognise that some people may have never owned a kitten/cat before and want to experience pet ownership but with a level of support. (support you just don't get when you go to a Pound to adopt). We can offer that support.

To FOSDOPT you go through the same process that a potential foster carer would - contact us, fill out a form, have a phone interview and finally a home visit. If everyone is agreeable (including the kitten committee), you get the kitten/cat/s

The difference to a regular adoption is this - you receive the usual fostering assistance with food, litter, equipment, etc and also support - ask us questions, get help.

We understand that there will come a time for you to decide whether to actually adopt and we can be a tad flexible with this and work with people on an individual basis.

It's basically a YOU help US and WE HELP YOU & when you do adopt the fee for adoption is greatly reduced.

Not all kittens/cats will be available for FOSDOPT - we will feature a couple each week (look out for the first couple being posted tomorrow).

We really hope this will be another way that will help people consider pet ownership 😉