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What Bayside and COBB before them should have done and be doing currrently.

"By definition 'feral' cats have no dependency on people. Urban stray and homeless cats are very dependent on people, even if that simply means going through garbage bins to find food and seeking shelter under buildings.

“In many people's minds "feral" means vicious and nasty but that is actually not the definition. Feral has become (inaccurate) shorthand to describe all unowned cats.”

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The famous Hermitage Museum keeps 74 cats to keep its basements mice-free

Elizabeth of Russia ordered domestic cats to be placed in the palace to patrol its basements and hallways to destroy the growing population of mice. Cats proved to be an extremely effective solution to the mice problem, and the queen decided to keep them as resident vermin destroyers.

When the palace was turned into a museum, the cats remained on the palace grounds to protect the collection from rodents. A population of cats has been continuously living at the Hermitage since the 18th century, except for a brief period after the World War II when famine crippled the Soviet Union.

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