Desexing Opportunity for Colony and unhomed cats in the Bayside area

Hi All,

We are currently working in conjunction with the fantastic Maggie's Rescue group and have received a number of desexing vouchers to help desex cats in the Bayside area. So, if you work with colony cats or feed and care for any UNHOMED cats then this is a great opportunity to have them desexed free of charge. The offer is valid for the next three months or until all the vouchers are gone. First in, first served.

Desexing is done at our veterinarians in Maroubra. You will need to trap or otherwise capture the cat and transport them there, as well as pick them up and return them to their environments after the procedure. Urban Kittens can lend you traps and show you how to use it. To minimize stress for yourselves and your cats we ask that you to contact us prior to trapping/capture so we can ensure the veterinarian is available ASAP. All cats will be scanned for microchips prior to the procedure to determine if any current ownership exists.

Thank you again to Maggie's Rescue for making this opportunity available.

For more information about the great work done by Maggies Rescue please go to there website here - or there facebook page here -