Enzo - he and his sibling Poppy

This is Enzo - he and his sibling Poppy (yes, a very blurry photo and we will work on getting you a better one soon) were rescued from a colony in the local area.

When they first came into foster care with their carer Wendy they were extremely scared. I'd say the both of them were the hissing champions of the kitten world for a time there!!

Over the past 2 weeks they have started to become more social and enjoy their playtime, cuddles and of course they have perfected the art of eating :)

We are now accepting pre-adoption enquiries for these 2 bears either as a pair or as single kittens to go into homes that have at least one other cat or pet for companionship. If you are interested in meeting these guys feel free to PM the page or contact us via email - urbankittens@optusnet.com.au