Protecting our cats and providing a sanctuary.

Approximately a year ago our oldest and most streetwise cat Morrie was hit by a car and passed away. A total freak accident given that he was usually not up and about at that time of day and it occurred in the turning circle of a cul-de-sac we had lobbied 5 years to get, people were supposed to be barely travelling as they turned. The amount of pain I felt at his loss was severe and I couldn't go through with it again with any of our other cats.  So I decided to create an outdoor enclosure for all our cats , one that enclosed the entire house.  Now we can let them out in the early morning and not worry were they are or if they're getting into fights. One unexpected development was that Molly our most solitary cat spends a lot of time in the front yard observing passing pedestrians, when she used to run any time anyone approached the house. I guess the enclosure makes her feel more secure. The poles that have been used combined with the type of netting mean it is unobtrusive to the neighbours. In fact I had to draw one of my neighbours attention to it?